Winter time at Sa Cova

Short and windy days alternate with sunny and clear ones, maintaining an all-year-round sun-bathing feel in our land. Observing our boathouse being battered by waves during a winter storm makes you realize what strength and resistance really mean.
This is the time to enjoy the freshly-picked oranges from our garden, rest in the warmth from the wood-stove of the house and delight in the many possibilities a huge gas-oven and dining table have to offer. From January onwards the season of the “Calçotades” begins, a very special Catalan celebration which Sa Cova has very successfully adopted and which we are sure you will love.
The mild winters at Majorca are also very well suited for outdoor activities and travelling round the island, when it is not so crowded.


Calçotades Season

Surely not an eye-catching tradition, it will however catch your palate. Once the first barbecued spring onion is down, the black hands do not matter anymore. Calçots are really worth a try.


Uncrowded streets and roads will let you enjoy the city and island much more than during the hot and busy summer days.

Wood-heating for the whole house

An old-fashioned wood-stove heats the radiators of the house. In winter the woodshed is always full for the house requirements.

Sunny and windy days

Windy but sunny days are typical in this season at Sa Cova, making a visit to the rocky beach a spectacle not to be missed.

Freshly-picked oranges

There is nothing better than a freshly-pressed orange juice from our own oranges. This is a small pleasure always available from December to May at Sa Cova.

Hiking and outdoors

Mild weather and sunny days are the perfect combination for outdoor activities. Take a rain-coat because it does also rain in Mallorca.

Season Rate

550€/ day
  • Min. 4 days