Summer Season at Sa Cova

There is nothing better than waking up and strolling down to the beach for a morning swim or enjoying the sunset from the rocky beach. Rounding it up with a full-breakfast mid-morning and a late paella for lunch in the porch gives you the almost-perfect summer day.
Add a siesta in the porch while the kids are happily playing in the swimming pool and you have it: The perfect summer day at Sa Cova. The long after dinner table conversations are typically ended on the white-terrace, observing the clear and starry sky above Sa Cova.
Don’t worry about the strong thermal winds which may suddenly appear out of the blue. When the sun rises again, they will go as fast as they came.

Bathing at the rocky beach

A different but very pleasant experience compared to the crowded sandy beaches.

Exploring the North-West Coast

Goggles and rubber sandals are a must when coming to Sa Cova in summer. The rocky beach below us has very nice views to offer, but also slippery and hard surfaces to fall over.

A refreshing swim in the pool

Coming from the beach, the ascent up to the house will make a dip in the pool the only thing you can think of.

Sun-bathing and enjoying the views

From the porch for the sun-shy friends or from the pool-terrace for the sun-lovers, contemplating the small and big boats sailing by while reading a book is indeed a luxury.

The sailing feeling

Getting up early and going out for a fishing day has always its compensations – either we come back with a full bucket or we sail to Sa Foradada to forget our unsuccessful morning.


With no light pollution, watching the stars from the white-seat(s) terrace on a summer night becomes another must in Sa Cova.

Season Rate

750€/ day
  • Min. 7 days