Rustic & Privileged

Known as Can Salas in the past, now called Sa Cova, the question is what does one remember of it after having been there. The views and landscape, the wild, rocky coast, the olive groves, the peculiarities of the house, the quietness of the location or the pandemonium of a full house, the after-dinner conversations, the bucolic and rural features, the boat-house, the culinary feasts…all good enough reasons to make it special, unforgettable, unique.
One has to experience it oneself, but have a small taste of it here and then tell us that you do not want to see it yourself!

The House

Far from being a typical Majorcan house, it owns its somewhat Indian character to a previous owner who, after spending some time in India during the last years of the 19th century as delegate of the Spanish salt company, gave it the present and singular looks.

Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb

475€/ day (min. 4 days)

Mar, Apr, Oct

500€/ day (min. 4 days)

May, Sept

550€/ day (min. 5 days)

Jun, Jul

600€/ day (min. 7 days)

Events & Venues

under request

A place to be shared

Throughout the past generations, one of the most defining characters of Can Salas has been of a place NOT to be alone in. Either you go there in company or you invite people once you are there; but to get the most out of the finca you need to share it with your people. It just lends itself to it.

Bucolic and self-sufficient comforts

With luxurious surroundings, rustic interiors and humble comforts round up its bucolic atmosphere. And even though modernity has found its way into Sa Cova, its special character comes from the traditional ways of an old, isolated land house, which adapted to the present possibilities has come to meet all the requirements of our current life-style.

A quiet corner on a burdened Island

Well known for its beaches & parties, there is much more to our island. In Sa Cova one discovers this other Mallorca; the one which still allows you to enjoy the quietness of a lonely bathe on a rocky beach during the sunset. Wishing to keep it so forever, we hope to share this exclusive spot of Mallorca with all of you and do our bit to change the image of our beautiful and traditional Island.

About Us

Four generations after that of Mr. Salas, our family has multiplied, making big gatherings part of our daily lives. Finca Can Salas is a young project, but having a full-house in Sa Cova is anything but new. We, our friends and our family have enjoyed it for decades. And we hope that so will you very soon!

Guest Reviews

Sa Cova is enchanting. One sits on this wide veranda and watches the waves roll in to the beach below. The al fresco dining area is like eating at an Italian family winery, the huge table overloaded with the fresh catch and the fresh vegetables from the farmer's market. Beyond the veranda is the small pool and then a short hike down to the coast for a private swimming area, secluded by rocks and cliffs. Sa Cova is peaceful, relaxing and beautiful.
Eric and Sara from USASa Cova is enchanting!
It was great there. Beautiful house, comfortable and spacious. Ideal for families with kids. The pool is very nice, with the best views and having breakfast under the porch looking at the boats sail-by is simply wonderful. We went very often to the beach, a nice short walk surrounded by nature. We totally recommend it. Relax and disconnection is guaranteed. Thank you very much Marc&Kristin!
Carol & Ori from SpainIt was great there!
A very quiet place in the middle of the nature with amazing sea views. The about two-minutes’ walk to the beach, almost always empty, makes it a perfect holiday's place for summer.
Torà & Ari from SpainA perfect holiday's place for summer